My name is Andrew and I'm a fourth year biology major and digital humanities minor at University of California, Los Angeles. I'm interested in cancer cytogenetics, physical trauma, and dance. After I graduate, I will pursue medical school.

In my spare time, I like photography (obviously), travelling, dancing, and trying out new food with friends. I sometimes play video games but always play it cool.


I picked up photography in 2017 with an old camera to capture memories of my friends and family. I have never put down my camera since (don't worry, I have a new one now).In early 2018, I began shooting graduation and events professionally. That following fall, I took on wedding photography.

For the 2018-2019 academic year, I am serving as the Leadership Photographer for Foundations Choreography, as well as Publicity Coordinator of VSU's High School Conference, Vietnamese Culture Night, and Southeast Asian Admit Weekend. I have also worked with many Greek, cultural, and dance organizations at UCLA, including Phi Sigma Rho, UKS, ThaiSA, ACA, and VSU Modern. I have taken my camera many places, and I look forward to where it will take me in the future.


I think photography should be organic, fun, and interactive to really capture the emotions of our experiences. Moments are special because we associate feelings with them, and I believe that pictures turn out best when we complement how we feel with how we look.

During my sessions, I try my best to to communicate and talk with my clients. I'm always providing feedback, giving encouragement, and showing them how their pictures turn out on camera. I think creating a comfortable, natural atmosphere is important because it helps us open up and look our best!

Because the way I do photography is very personal, I focus more on face-to-face interaction rather than hiding behind the camera. If you don't know how to pose, I will direct you! If you have an idea and want to try it out, I'm all for it! I believe that good photography is an interplay between both model and photographer and that they both need to work together to create something special.